n. Automotive Informal

a garage that specializes in fitting cars, esp. hot rods, with custom-made mechanical equipment for racing.


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Arizona Speed Engineering has been hard at work resurrecting the old-school speed shop since 2003.  These places were more than pretty parts on a wall; they were a place to get lost in the culture of Speed.  At A.S.E. we engineer, fabricate, and install high performance components for automobiles and motorcycles.  Our personal passions lie in the two wheel world, but if you want it re-engineered for speed, we can help.


This week at A.S.E.

  • ASE takes on the preparation of Pete Murray USA's Isle of Man GSXR-600
  • Work /on/ the shop wraps up (for now) with the installation of new electrical and networking service points
  • After a little stall during shop construction, focus returns to the Fordy.
  come experience the Culture of Speed.  
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